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07-10-2013, 09:01 AM
The Omega T4 passive bypasses shields and does a set amount directly to the hull.

The Nukura T2 passive just adds to bleedthrough. Since the Omega T4 bypasses shields, they do not benefit each other.

As for the Nukura T4 passive (offense), you can refer to my previous post:

While it would seem like you'd get more out of the T4 defense passive, it'll probably end up being a wash. The small amount you get will easily be overtaken by someone's small damage boost that is hitting you with 7 or 8 weapons every firing cycle.

While I'm no ground expert, most people's health is not more than 700, I believe. Meanwhile, pulsewaves can critical for over 1k (fully buffed). I'd prefer the bleedthrough.