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07-10-2013, 09:08 AM
Yup, im with the OP

I have only three characters, my main fed tac, my rom tac and my new engineer. I have almost everything done for my fed tac character, just need to hit T5 Nukara. My rom char is at lvl 50 and at T1 in all rep.

I have basically stopped playing any of my alts regularly. I looked at the scimitar pack and WAS going to buy it, then i realized i would need to go through that whole rep system again....and closed the cstore, once i realized just how long i would need to grind on that rom character, and remembering the brain numbing grind i had to go through before...i stopped regularly playing as my rom character. I now only log into my romulan once every day to do doff missions, then go back to my main char.

My main char doesn't need any more ships. Cryptic has lost out on me purchasing 5000 Zen, they have also lost out on any zen purchases my fed engineer alt would have made.

I know the arguement of "this is an MMO... that's what MMO's do" is one that is pushed out by a lot of "gamers".

I remember the days BEFORE MMO games came out, when PC Single/Multiplay games was FUN... and INTERESTING. Heck, i worked on some of those fun and interesting old style PC games for Star Trek when i worked for Interplay and later Activision.

This is my first MMO.

It will also be my last MMO.

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