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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
It's the same grind in every game out there, it's part of the basic mmo-concept. People who don't grasp that might be better off playing Skyrim & co., where - when it becomes too time consuming or difficult - you can just advance via console commmands...

I'll pay 5k zen for console commands!! jokes jokes...

but seriously... I get your arguement on the grind, but STO is different... it is a more casual game, the fact of ease of pve and endgame harder missions is testament to this... having a full tier 5 rep unlock does not take from this... guys will still have to grind the marks, dil etc for whatever gear they want (30 stfs for a full space set?) I dont know how many rom missions for Rom weaps/gear etc but I imagine its a decent number.

Taking out the time gate only serves to let people (who have already done the rep grind) grind their gear straight away... not to have to grind to be allowed to grind....if you get me....

My idea of a 500 zen tier 5 rep unlock fits in line with other stuff in game... you can grind rep for free and wait.... or pay up and have it now....personally I'd happily pay up.

Point to note though I do agree that value and some hard should be attached to the best endgame gear....and that a paid rep unlock would have to be only purchaseable after having completed full rep on at least 1 toon previously.

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