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07-10-2013, 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by captainbailey View Post
The reputation system should have been account wide NOT character based. Just made it take a little longer but once unlocked all toons have access to it that way later if you create a new toon its done and ready when you hit lv50. You would still have to grind out dilithium and such to buy the pieces but atleast all the tiers would be complete.
This is ideal, the grind is preventing me from being serious on more than 1 toon, and that will limit what I buy in the future. Do you think I will buy an escort for my engineers?

I think they will do this though, like how the nerf the starbase requirements, after many have completed them a bunch so that they drain as much materials as they can.

I did buy the vesta on sale, but as a science testing platform. My toons have been relegated to hanging out at the Academy building up their doff crews and acquiring CXP should the rep system ever be made more manageable. They are well geared though so make great alts for ISE to convert to dilithium. By the time I complete them all the first is off cool down. It has streamlined my play and made me a lot of money though, so maybe the rep system has been more useful to me than not. Perhaps after a year of not running nukara and romulan mark missions I will take on the challenge of getting another up to speed.