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Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
Numbers-wise, here's how it breaks down. Numbers taken from here.

Assume that you have 100 power in Aux:

+20 Shield Performance = +2 shield power level
+20 Structural Integrity = +6% hull hp (calculated from base hull hp)
+20 Hull Plating = ~+2.5% energy resist (subject to diminishing returns)

+20 Weapons Training = +5% damage with both energy and projectile weapons (calculated from base damage)
+20 Energy Weapons = +5% damage with energy weapons
+20 Projectile Weapons = +5% damage with projectiles
(Combine these, and it's +10% damage to both energy and projectile weapons.)

I don't think I need to say this, but the offensive t4 rep option is by far the better one for the vast majority of ships.
I could be wrong but I think after speccing, extra points have diminutive returns. It's very probably that the t4 passive gives you a very small bonus to offense/defense performance if you're already fully specc'ed.

I'm thinking that t4 passive is good for min maxer that want to spec 5 or 4 points in weapons training (just an example), so they can have extra point to do something else new. Then again, I haven't done any of the calculations but my gut + my year old experience tinkering with builds tell me it is so.

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