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Originally Posted by mozoha View Post
I wonder if anybody can verify what is being suggested above is correct. If the rep passives don't stack why would anyone bother. Why would I bother with all the rep grinds?
Power creep.

Nukara rep is a pain to deal with, but even if you don't want to do it, others will, which means that they will have an advantage over you. People WANT to stay competitive, and thus they will grit their teeth and grind it out achingly.

You can get away with not doing Nukara rep (at least not for the passives, that's for sure, gear is up to you). But Romulan and Omega rep...they're a LOT more useful, both in gear and passives.

Same thing for fleet stuff. Between having it and not having it, can make a big difference. Usually. Particularly the elite space shields, warp cores, engy and sci consoles are the bigger things. Weapons, engines, deflectors, etc, not as much.
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