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Please correct the following if my understanding is incorrect.

The diminishing returns on putting points into a skill is not to be confused with the actual points in a skill.


1-3 is +18 per point.
4-6 is +10 per point.
7-9 is +5 per point.

It's difficult to discuss, because there's skill and there's skill - lol. Heck, there's also skill (can't forget how much a skill costs).

Skill Level?
Skill Bonus?
Skill Point Cost?

Skill Level has diminishing returns. You get -8 Skill Bonus per Skill Level from 4-6 than you did 1-3. You get -5 Skill Bonus per Skill Level from 7-9 than you did 4-6.

However, each "point" of Skill Bonus does not have diminishing returns.

4 Skill Levels shows diminishing returns because unlike 1-3, where you went 18-36-54, with 4 you're going to 64. Likewise, 7 shows DR because unlike 4-6, where you went 64-74-84, with 7 you're going to 89.

200 skill bonus is twice the benefit of 100. 150 twice 75, etc, etc, etc.

Thus, there is no DR with the T4.

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