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07-11-2013, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by mozoha View Post
I wonder if anybody can verify what is being suggested above is correct. If the rep passives don't stack why would anyone bother. Why would I bother with all the rep grinds?
Efficiency. Think of it like modifying your car for better performance. Will it make THAT much of a difference driving to work? Probably not. But, if you're obsessed with getting the best efficiency that you can, why not do it anyways?

I try to get as much damage as I can. The extra 2.5% bleedthrough will allow me to get just a little bit more damage on my target than if I didn't have it. Same with the T4 Omega damage passive. Even if I only did 77k damage kinetic damage from this passive in 1.5 million damage. When I had the plasma DOT embassy console, that only gave me 22k extra damage in the 1.5 million total damage I did in one round. It isn't much, but I kept it anyways up until they announced the new Fleet warp cores.