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07-11-2013, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by masterkeychnk5 View Post
You might be right theoretically and number wise renim, but think about it. Healers/tanks often have Aux alot higher, damage dealers usually dont run aux high at all, and even doing so will severely compromise their speed/shield tanking/regen etc

So I think eventually they are pretty equal and they might have taken this into consideration.
That may be true before, but Plasmonic Leech is a game changer for a lot of builds. It's no longer Sci ships with Energy Siphon that can get near all maxed subsystem power.

In anticipation for the AMP modifier on the Elite Fleet Warp Cores, I have adjusted my power levels that I have all 4 subsystems above 75 with Plasmonic Leech. That's, I think, 13.2% increase to my damage. With my Aux at 78, I'm going to get 15.6+ to my energy and weapon training. 15.6 versus 26 (130 Aux) isn't too much of a difference. And I have no points in Aux Performance in my skills.