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I wonder if anybody can verify what is being suggested above is correct. If the rep passives don't stack why would anyone bother. Why would I bother with all the rep grinds?
One word: store. You might want to experiment with different builds, maybe you could come up with a nicely geared starship to blast through PvE/PvP.

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Please correct the following if my understanding is incorrect.

The diminishing returns on putting points into a skill is not to be confused with the actual points in a skill.


1-3 is +18 per point.
4-6 is +10 per point.
7-9 is +5 per point.

It's difficult to discuss, because there's skill and there's skill - lol. Heck, there's also skill (can't forget how much a skill costs).

Skill Level?
Skill Bonus?
Skill Point Cost?

Skill Level has diminishing returns. You get -8 Skill Bonus per Skill Level from 4-6 than you did 1-3. You get -5 Skill Bonus per Skill Level from 7-9 than you did 4-6.

However, each "point" of Skill Bonus does not have diminishing returns.

4 Skill Levels shows diminishing returns because unlike 1-3, where you went 18-36-54, with 4 you're going to 64. Likewise, 7 shows DR because unlike 4-6, where you went 64-74-84, with 7 you're going to 89.

200 skill bonus is twice the benefit of 100. 150 twice 75, etc, etc, etc.

Thus, there is no DR with the T4.
When I'm talking about diminishing returns, I'm formulating my opinion in accordance to this spreadsheet. I've been consulting it for months now and I've yet to notice anything that would indicate it has erroneous information. Many of the skill points invested past 6 have very small effects in ship performance, some with very miniscule bonuses that could ultimately prove insignificant in gaming.

(Disclaimer: I've only done a few builds centered on pure tactical escort dpsing and pure space magic sciencing; I have not tested all possible builds so I don't want to generalize but logistically speaking the effects of the skill points should be universal. This post is strictly a personal opinion and opinions can be wrong quite often.)

For instance, let's take a look at the energy weapons skill and how it affects beam dmg; 6 points at 291 dmg vs 9 points at 299 dmg. Is that a 3% boost? It reminds me of the omega amplifier (t4 omega passive), everyone knows how embarrassingly laughable it is in game.

Again I could be wrong and splitting hairs with this one. If you plan to grind for nukara reputation, you're much better off figuring how much of the bonus in starship skill you get from t4 passive then fill up the rest until you have something equivalent to 6 points in the corresponding starship skill.
STO is the BEST game ever and the players absolutely LOVE it.
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the echo chamber that is this isolated PvP community is likely to do nothing but stir up additional ire among the small number of players that come here.

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