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When I'm talking about diminishing returns, I'm formulating my opinion in accordance to this spreadsheet. I've been consulting it for months now and I've yet to notice anything that would indicate it has erroneous information. Many of the skill points invested past 6 have very small effects in ship performance, some with very miniscule bonuses that could ultimately prove insignificant in gaming. For instance, let's take a look at the energy weapons skill and how it affects beam dmg; 6 points at 291 dmg vs 9 points at 299 dmg. Is that a 3% boost? It reminds me of the omega amplifier (t4 omega passive), everyone knows how embarrassingly laughable it is in game.
But that's kind of the point of what my post was saying. I think most folks have that bookmarked.

Look at the numbers up there under the numbers you mentioned.

6 is 84.
9 is 99.

There is DR going from 6 to 9, because each of those only provides +5. 1-3 provides +18, 4-6 provides +10, and 7-9 provides +5.

So you look at Energy Weapons Training...each "pt" provides 0.5 damage in the example given there.

2 skill levels is 36 pts... base is 249, 2 is 267 (+18 dmg, 0.5 x 36).
8 skill levels is 94 pts... base is 249, 8 is 296 (+47 dmg, 0.5 x 94).

That 0.5 per pt remains the same. If you had 150 pts in EWT, with the base damage of 249 - your damage would be 324 (0.5 x 150, +75 dmg).

The DR arises because you go from getting +18 per level to +10 per level to 10 +5 per level...but the value for each point given is the same.
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