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Originally Posted by assimilatedktar View Post
Thou shalt read what is written before posting. I wrote that when I use Beam Overload it drops my weapon power only a few points below the unbuffed shield power. (And that's even possibly moot now since I am experimenting with Attack Patterns in its stead.)

Yeah, I prefer a bonus that scales of 90-125 unbuffed weapon power to one that scales of 74 shield power that can be buffed with EPtS.

Funny, first you write that it depends on skills and presets, then you write that W-> is bad. It's not. It's bad for some builds and best for others. For my Aventine and my play style it's the best option. Period.
Going to disagree with you. Like others have said here...W>A is not a good idea. What you need for a max wep power build on that vesta is ??>W. I run a fleet warp core with A>W and before installing warp core I preset my wep power to 125, installed that new core, and unlocked the wep and aux power tabs, and began dragging my wep down as the aux filled up. It stayed at 125 wep power for awhile, and eventually got my aux to raise to 90. So now I run with 125 weps, 75 shields, 65 engines and 90 aux. I also specced 6 into flow cap and run the leech. In combat my power levels hover in the 90's-100 range.

No problems whatsoever. Forget W>A, go with A>W. Try it at least before you say it doesnt work. And if you need to use an aux battery to bump you all the way if your not there already from the leech, then use one.

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