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But that's kind of the point of what my post was saying. I think most folks have that bookmarked.

Look at the numbers up there under the numbers you mentioned.

6 is 84.
9 is 99.

There is DR going from 6 to 9, because each of those only provides +5. 1-3 provides +18, 4-6 provides +10, and 7-9 provides +5.

So you look at Energy Weapons Training...each "pt" provides 0.5 damage in the example given there.

2 skill levels is 36 pts... base is 249, 2 is 267 (+18 dmg, 0.5 x 36).
8 skill levels is 94 pts... base is 249, 8 is 296 (+47 dmg, 0.5 x 94).

That 0.5 per pt remains the same. If you had 150 pts in EWT, with the base damage of 249 - your damage would be 324 (0.5 x 150, +75 dmg).

The DR arises because you go from getting +18 per level to +10 per level to 10 +5 per level...but the value for each point given is the same.
Lol, I had to stop and read what you were really saying, that's an interesting way to look at it, definitely. Although, I also have to raise the point that other starship abilities have 7/8/9 effects that are practically the same, meaning 0.5 multiplier doesn't always apply. I also have to ask, do you know if the multiplier works past 99 bonus level in EWT or is that just theoretical? If yes, that would definitely make the t4 passive somewhat useful.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

Funny thought though, if the Leech is not a game changer/OP then why did the feds complain so loudly to get it?
Well for one, without it, I would not have 3 subsystems almost maxed out on my fed fleet patrol escorts with a tactical alien. 64 guaranteed (almost instant) power gain, even spread evenly across 4 subsystems is not nothing. This allows to invest more power into shields, therefore more shields resistance/regeneration rate bonus. This is a good thing. I don't know how you can even compare that to the maco shield. MACO STFers get to worry more about torpedoes than incoming energy. Power gain with maco shield? Sometimes it doesn't even come when you're getting your ass kicked by a tactical cube. KDF just needed to shoot their way through to get the power boost. How exactly is that balanced? PvP wise, maco shields boost in power was conditional to receiving all energy damage (whatever that means). What if you had to fight torpedo boats?
STO is the BEST game ever and the players absolutely LOVE it.

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