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Lol, I had to stop and read what you were really saying, that's an interesting way to look at it, definitely. Although, I also have to raise the point that other starship abilities have 7/8/9 effects that are practically the same, meaning 0.5 multiplier doesn't always apply. I also have to ask, do you know if the multiplier works past 99 bonus level in EWT or is that just theoretical? If yes, that would definitely make the t4 passive somewhat useful.
It's just 0.5 for that particular item...Energy Weapon Training and a Beam Array. Each of the skill bonuses will have their own bonus for each point that they have.

You can get an idea of what the bonus provided by each point is for each one from that chart.

Pick one of the "blue" entries.
Subtract the base number from the "blue" number.
Divide that number by the number listed under the skill level at the top.

That will be your boost provided.

You can check it, by doing the following...pick a skill level, grab the number beneath it, multiply that number by the bonus number you grabbed from doing the previous thing, add that to the base...and it should match the number listed on the chart (or be close, some will be off by a little here and there because of the rounding that takes place in STO).

They do provide their boosts beyond the 99 (which oddly enough for calculations for most things tends to be 99.9 instead of 99).

It's like the Omega passive...Omega Weapon Training. It's giving +30, taking folks to 129. There's the Enhanced Shield one that gives +30 Shield Systems - taking folks to 129.

I've got a Snooper that has 9 Sensors, the Astrophysicist Trait, runs 4x Sensor Probes Mk XII, etc, etc, etc. Pop out a Sensor Probe, make a note of the numbers, pop it back in, each "pt" is the same no matter how many of the consoles I shuffle in and out.

Consoles are one of the easiest ways to test those bonus numbers - because once you've determined the bonus amount per "pt" - you know how much a console should give you. So you pop an ability dependent upon that particular skill...voila!

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