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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
What bitemepwe said. Leech's drain can be gimped by Power Insulators. Leech was never a problem for me when KDF was using it against me. I believe drains are pretty much resisted by 50% without any points in Power Insulators (at least, that was the case for Aceton Assimilators....I seem to recall it being the same for Leech). Maxed PI, and it gets lowered even more (by another 50% of what's left).

What makes Leech great is the bonus to your power levels. Which is why, if you really wanted to, you can get Aux and Weapons to high levels. This can be done on pretty much any ship now. But the new AMP warp cores make it beneficial for you to have all of your power levels at above 75. 13.2% can almost be considered having an additional tactical console (albeit a low level, low rarity one).
I wasnt aware that Leech could be completely countered by PI drain wise.

So yeah I guess the power level increase is nice. But back to the original discussion of comparing both nukara tier 4 passives, Its still hard (On a romulan ship) to stay on 125 weapion power at all times and having maximum auxiliary without significantly impairing your ships speed/defense, for only a meager damage increase.

Also I still stand with my original post about Leech needed to counter leech, or 'balance' yourself towards other players.

You gain * amount (16~?) power level in all, wheeas your opponent does not. So in order to balance or get yourself up to par you would also need Plasmonic yourself, or am i wrong in that assumption?

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Funny thought though, if the Leech is not a game changer/OP then why did the feds complain so loudly to get it?
I could care less about the Fed cryers, but it was only problematic when they could stack for me personally. Maco boost was still pretty good most of the time in PvP, since you're getting shot at there alot and alot more, comparing to STF's lol.

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