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07-11-2013, 10:28 AM
Try it again today. There is a fix for it in the patch. Hopefully will have cleared it up.

The previous way the game had of implementing required you to by a "stock" uniform and apply in to your character, and then you could start editing into off duty or formal wear... In other words you had to shell out a bunch of EC first at the tailor, and then shell out some more. The Players Were Not Pleased! Even though tailors costs are pretty small compared to ant other ec costs in the game.. its the principle of the thing... that, and the process was very clunky, and at least KDF side changed a player character to one of the default characters. You ended up haveing to go through the entire customization process again for head, body hair color etc. If you didn't have any free costume customization tickets left could end up costing a few thousand EC by the time you were done as the tailor would first charge you to undo all of your customization to put a defaullt uniform on you, and then charge you to recustomize your avatar, and of course the new clothing.

Should have been done before the feature went live. *sigh* This sort of thing happens a lot with STO. Just roll with it. I swear, more bugs per 1000 lines of code then a pre release alpha of a microsoft operating system.... And if your KDF... and its a costume bug of any kind...they generally don't get fixed.

I am pleased and surprised that its getting fixed this time.. Though there is reason to belive that its gotten fixed because it was effecting Romulan faction charaters. KDF.. we seem to get an awefull lot of "Aw suck it up Klingon"

In a lot of ways STO really is a god awefull example of a MMO.. If it wasn't Trek themed... I would have found something else long ago. In spite of the "information" provided by the Dev team. Just be aware there are dozens and dozens of unresolved bugs in play if your KDF faction.. And about the only time they seem to get fixed most of the time is if they effect another faction... In this case the bug effected players in the new romulan faction, where the studio is hoping to generate a great deal of revenue, so it actually got fixed.

I'm beginning to think the Orion's getting to replace thier standard belt and loincloth with the belt from the risian flower accent pack may have been either a happy accident (for orion KDF female characters- it turns it into a bikini kinda sorta.. but with a real limited color palaette) or one of the Art team just snuck it in under the radar, and by the time it was noticed, it would have been just a tad embarassing to have pulled it. (I was the first to post up about it on day 2 or 3 of the summer event)
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