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Originally Posted by corvalle View Post
Going to disagree with you. Like others have said here...W>A is not a good idea. What you need for a max wep power build on that vesta is ??>W. I run a fleet warp core with A>W and before installing warp core I preset my wep power to 125, installed that new core, and unlocked the wep and aux power tabs, and began dragging my wep down as the aux filled up. It stayed at 125 wep power for awhile, and eventually got my aux to raise to 90. So now I run with 125 weps, 75 shields, 65 engines and 90 aux. I also specced 6 into flow cap and run the leech. In combat my power levels hover in the 90's-100 range.

No problems whatsoever. Forget W>A, go with A>W. Try it at least before you say it doesnt work. And if you need to use an aux battery to bump you all the way if your not there already from the leech, then use one.
Funny, I have all the energy skills maxed out, two efficient BOs and a Captain who's a Warp Theorist, the Assimilated Module and the Zero-Point Energy Conduit. (Absolutely no interest in using Leech or Battery, sorry. The MACO shield bonus is enough for me.) With an Overcharged Warp Core with [Eff] and [W->A] I have 125 weapon power, 73 shields, 54 engines and 78 auxiliary. Using the same warp core just with [A->W] and lowering the weapon power as you said leaves me with 125 weapons, 73 shields, 54 engines and 72 Auxiliary.
With the W->A 125 weapon power gives me a boost of 9,375 points to my aux. In the extremely rare case that my weapon power drops to 90 due to drain the bonus is still 6,75. Meaning the Aux power drops by 3 (rounded up). 78-3 is still better than 72. So I am sorry but you are wrong. For my build a W->A warp core is better. Proving it just cost me 450,000 EC.
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