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Originally Posted by masterkeychnk5 View Post
for only a meager damage increase.
Each of my MK XII purple tactical consoles increases the DPS on my DHCs by about 90 DPS. That doesn't seem like a lot, does it?

And yet, people complain that KDF doesn't have any 5 tactical console ships.

The T2 Omega passive (the one that gives +30 to weapons training) gave me a 43.5 DPS increase. Almost half of a MK XII purple console.

At the time of my testing, back when my Aux power level was at 55 (giving me +11.1 weapon training and energy weapons), I was getting a 32.2 DPS increase.

When I set it to 65, or half of 130 (giving me +13.0 to weapon training and energy weapons), I got 38.2 DPS. Let's say I have 130 power to Aux, or double the power at 65, I can now get ~76.4 DPS.

That's about 85% of what I get from a MK XII purple tactical console.

It's really not a meager amount. If you add the T2 Omega and the T4 Nukura (at 65 power level), you almost have enough to equal another MK XII purple tactical console. With Leech, I now have, what is essentially, a 6th purple MK XII tactical console.

I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but you can see my test results here:

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Has anybody run an AMP core to see where the boost comes into play? Is it working like a Tac console or is it working like a Tac ability? I've never delved into Torp/Mine math, but for Directed Energy there's going to be a difference there depending on how it is done.
I haven't tested it myself. I'm assuming Cryptic would do the right thing and just buff the base damage, like a console. If it is increasing the damage after modifiers, I would both be shocked and excited at the increase in my DHC damage.

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