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While working through some naval-gazing text for a foundry mission, I was thinking about the way STO as a whole is constructed to character advancement. Aside from completing entire missions, XP and drops are a reward for killing (or, to be exact, killing or stunning) sentient lifeforms. You don't get such rewards for completing dialogue, diplomatic discussions and such forth. Fine for Klingons, but for Starfleet the current set-up makes it more profitable to start a fight that to talk your way out of it. You get XP for every body that hits the floor plus a variety of loot. What do you get for helping a little old lady across the road?

Picard would certainly not approve.

But then again, maybe this is how it should be? After all, in the 24th century we work to better ourselves, and the rest of humanity. Not pursue personal wealth. Perhaps the fact that the right thing isn't rewarded is exactly what Starfleet is all about. You have to forget about the reward, the XP, the loot, the advantages to yourself because understanding Roddenberry's message is about living it. Once you say "no, I'd rather take the moral satisfaction that innocent lives were saved rather than have that tachyon beam array mk xii" then you are, regardless of rank, a true Starfleet captain.

</pseudo philosophical rant>

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