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07-11-2013, 03:48 PM
Leave logging running throughout an entire STF mission and End Encounter manually upon boss death.

Remove tick from "Populate an All encounter", you can find this option under Miscellaneous.

I would also extend the duration of the number of seconds to wait before making a new encounter (30s), you can find this option under Main Tables/Encounters General. This prevents having to merge encounters afterwards due to brief lulls in combat such as waiting for Donatra/carrier ect to spawn.

Also do not cull encounters, found under Encounter Culling. This is likely why you aren't seeing proper results.

Keep in mind the difference between DPS and EncDPS when parsing, this has a significant impact on reading the results properly.

DPS or Damage Per Second, is simply Damage divided by the combatant's duration.
EncDPS or Encounter Damage Per Second is calculated as Damage divided by the encounter's duration. If someone's begining and ending actions are just as long as any other in the encounter, then the numbers will be the same. If a combatant starts late, or ends early in terms of the entire encounter, their DPS will be higher than their EncDPS because their personal duration is shorter. Most agree that EncDPS is a more relevant statistic.