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07-11-2013, 06:37 PM
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Firing arc isn't so much the issue as that escorts can move in to close range and reduce their speed to keep at 3km or less to maximize the DHC damage without having to defense tank. It used to be that if escorts didn't stay at full throttle they would get vaporized.

It's simply too easy to drop down to 1/4 throttle and ride someone's tail without having to run away after only one or two DHC volleys.

*edit* Just did a quick test. My fleet patrol escort is nothing special and has average level gear. I got to 92.3% defense with EPTE1 and APO1 at 1/4 throttle. Without evasive.
Don't forget that Tacs can also throw on Crippling Strikes and the T4 Romulan passive for added defense
The first we heard of getting new PvP maps "soon" was in August of 2010. We're consistently told something will be coming with the "next" update. Absolutely nothing has come to PvP since launch.

I think it's finally time Cryptic stopped stringing us along, don't you?