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Originally Posted by kapla1755 View Post
was long but I did read

as I understand it the drain from 6+ beam arrays is very power intensive by the end of the cycle your doing 50% less damage?

so would a 2/3 cycle vs 4/5 cycle help with the power drain, thus increasing damage?

also how about if they created a new boff ability "Beam Barrage"......(use CRF +30-50% single target boost) or essentially CRF for beam arrays but move the requirement so you could slot them at ensign level vs Lt for cannon skills?

or the often quoted "Heavy Beam Array"
if said array had an built-in 10-20% crit severity with a slight damage boost and DHCs 2/3 cycle would that help?

I really suck at math or I might try to run some numbers
It's true that I didn't account for drain. That's a common oversight for me on beam discussions. I'm usually so overcapped on Weapon Power that I don't notice it.

A 2/3 cycle would definitely help in that regard though - the energy would return sooner. Every 3s instead of every 5s. That in turn could allow folks to overcap less - put more points elsewhere and they could become more effective overall.

Even though the rough math there may not have looked like it, I actually do support the 2/3 cycle that Drunk's mentioned a few times here and there.

Have to keep in mind that PvP is generally a team thing as well, so although for that "1v1" thing going against a target dummy might not have looked that great - it would help out folks using beams during coordinated spike damage.

The Sci drops SNB on a target...that small gap is there - I'd rather have the beam folks at 2/3 than 4/5 while adding their damage to the 2/3 guys. It would keep their DPS the same but provide around +20% boost to DPV. Course, missing once would be a loss of 50% rather than 25%.

Still, I'd go with what prax's easier for DHC folks to sit on a target.
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