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UPDATE JULY 15 2013 : Still having the same issue. I have narrowed it down to it ONLY occuring when I try to transfer to the New Romulus map. The game crashes every time if I am beaming down to New Romulus or if I am logging on and the toon is there already. Unable to play in this map.

I've been playing the game on the same computer for over 2 years with out any issues until today's patch. I keep getting the following info upon crashing-

Fatal Error: Direct 3D driver returned error code
(E_OUTOFMEMORY) while creating a texture.

Technical Details: E_OUTOFMEMORY while creating 2D texture
size 2048x2048 (12 mips, RTEX_DXT5), 810.91,76.56
MB virtual space available.

I don't know what the 2D texture size 2048x2048 is about as my screen is set at 1400x900, if this even matters (?)

My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series and I have 3+GB of RAM. Yes, I am running a 32bit and I know my video card ain't the best, but as I said, I have been playing the game with this set-up without ever crashing before, until today's patch.

Video card drivers and all others are up to date.

I really like the game, and though this may sound odd, I am hoping it's the fault of the game and not my PC, cause it's all I have to work with. I Googled the issue and the top responses were related to STO and other PW games, so I am hoping it's something on CRYPTICS end and it can be fixed soon?

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