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07-12-2013, 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by thunderhawk101 View Post
Fleet Light Cruiser Retrofit:

Hull; 35000
Crew; 200
Shield mod; 1.1
Fore Weapon Slots; 4
Aft Weapon Slots; 3
Device Slots; 3
Base Turn; 15
Inertia Rating: 50
Impulse Mod; 0.60
Bridge Officer Slots; Cmdr Tactical, Lt. Tactical, Lt. Cmdr Engineering, Ensign Engineering, Lt. Science, Ensign Universal.
Consoles: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science.
+10 Weapons Power, +5 to all other power levels.
Can Load Dual/Dual Heavy Cannons.
Well it looks fairly well thought out, I pulled up a couple of ships to look up some base stats so I could place the base hull and I think 37250 would be more cruisery, I can see why you opted for 4/3 weapons however this harms broadsiding, I would as such go for 4/4 weapon slots (as per the Breen ship) and drop the slightly ambitious turn rate to 11 or 12 (more in line with the KDF battlecruisers rather than escorts), I would also have a 1.0 shield mod to reflect it's "light cruiser"-ness (though that is just me).

An impulse mod of 0.6 is going to outpace almost everything out there, the Excelsior only has 0.15 and the FPE has 0.2 so I'd probably place the Miranda at 0.16 maybe 0.175 I do agree with the inertia rating though . I see you broke the traditional CMDR engineer on cruisers, I wont complain however , I would lose the ensign engineer as you have one too many boffs on there and the ensign uni is more useful to the ship (though I'd rather see the Lt Tac and ensign uni swapped as the current layout looks too much like a mirror Breen ship ).

The comsole layout is spot on for the boff layout but you only have 20 bonus power to play with rather than the 25 you've used, I would lose the aux power bonus (one can use an overcharged warp core to cover it), other than that I would probably buy it and with a Lt eng run one of those Aux2Batts you hate so much