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Originally Posted by simonec1 View Post
what consoles r good from reputation?
I would recommend taking the Omega reputation console, the Borg Assimilated Console. I would then switch one of your aft turrets for a Kinetic Cutting Beam Array, also available through the Omega reputation. They are a set pair, with a proc that boosts your weapons power - plus the Cutting Beam is a good weapon in any situation.

You may then want to get the Zero-Point Energy Conduit, which is useful because it increases subsystem power and boosts critical chance.

Note that while both Reputation equipment sets have special Plasma torpedo launchers, the Romulan Torpedo is generally regarded as being better than the Omega Torpedo. If you happen to own both Torpedoes, I would suggest putting the Romulan torpedo fore, and the Omega torpedo aft.

Given that your Ha'feh is a cannon-build ship, the Nukara reputation gear won't be as useful for you. However, if you change your build to include a mine skill, you could consider taking the Nukara Web Mine Launcher.

TL;DR: The Omega reputation console and the romulan reputation consoles are both useful and worth getting on any ship.