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...perhaps let us trade excess eggs for a few ECs or perhaps some Risian themed DOffs or even some GPL (anything really)...
It's funny the Feast or Famine nature of the Eggs. I'm running the hunt on several characters multiple times a day (anywhere from 8-16 total hunts spread over those toons). On my main, he's been able to Hatch an Egg every day, and still has 20 Eggs in his Inventory. 2-3 of my toons have only a couple extras, and I've got 4 other characters that have no spare Eggs and have only been able to hatch about every other day (and since they're Egg short, they get run the most).

Anyway, during the Winter Wonderland, we got Snow Tags for "breeding" Winter Epohhs, and those were so much easier to get (I had 100s even after all the breeding). After the Event they did put the Snow Tags in a vendor so we could sell them for GPL.

I hope they do the same with the Eggs (although I wonder why that option doesn't already exist).

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