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I see your Grand Theft Auto and raise you the fact that The Sims is the highest selling video game franchise of all time, and it not only doesn't glorify, but punishes, violence. It has outsold the GTA franchise by nearly 3:1.

Heck, even Gran Turismo has outsold GTA on the PS2.

Not to mention the golden days of adventure games - Myst, Journeyman Project, LucasArts series, etc. All *mostly* nonviolent.
Fully agree with you here. I still spend more time in SL than anything else and still load up Portal 2 from time to time. However it's not what the (not gamers) people with the money see as something that will make them more money, thus you get 5 versions of GTA and 3 of the Sims... And don't me started on Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

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as great as those guys are, and as much as i think -this vid here- applies to sto ground based content like a glove, the player cant fix the game mechanics in the foundry.
I agree there are massive limitations with the Foundry. However it's the first game in a game where you can create content that's played by all other players of the game. This is a chance for real ST fans to create all kinds of game play.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to create a story game similar in construction to Myst (AKA puzzle solving) that ends with a hard non black and white choice. I've only had the chance to get through the training vids so it's pretty primitive but the more I'm learning the more ideas for a puzzle type game.

I will be offering suggestions through the forum's once I have a good idea how exactly they can improve the game making process. Currently I'm looking for a way to make the mission fail without blowing up your ship.

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picard was a decietful pretentious trite little coward.
moment he got the upper hand on the borg in q who, blowing massive holes in the cube, he ordered the e'd to run away at top speed rather than pressing the advintage to at least cripple the cube.
This is a good example of a choice with consequences that are missing from missions in STO. Programming this in the Foundry would be very hard at this time but I do think if asked for the programmers could find a way.

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