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07-12-2013, 09:49 AM
Drops aren't rewards for killing. They're not plunder, or piracy, or spoils of war, or even salvage (as Star Trek pretty much universally adopts Earth's maritime law treaties, you can't claim salvage rights on a military vessel outside your waters during peacetime). Taking weaponry, supplies, buildings, vessels, even money from an enemy combatant during a conflict is called a prize of war. Something the Federation has been shown to engage in, with two title captains capturing enemy ships and all of them bringing smaller pieces of enemy technology aboard their ships. This only becomes a violation of the laws of war when you use that equipment under a false flag, something the Federation has only been shown to do in special missions. Captured (i.e. lockbox) ships are not flown under flase flag, they still identify themselves as Starfleet.

And XP isn't even being given to you as a reward. This is a game system used to quantify the improvement of a character's abilities as they hone their skills. This is you learning, not you getting paid by the headcount.

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