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07-12-2013, 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by sampa4 View Post
For me, my worst STF experience was when I placed my oldest character, Vice Admiral Sampa Firespitter, equipped with the full Jem'Hadar ground set and newly acquired Mk XII Sonic Antiproton assault minigun into the ground elite mission...what was it...Khitomer in Stasis. SHEESH!!!! At one point, I think I had at least 60-100 assorted borg drones swarming ME and ignoring the rest of my team mates in the same room! Despite how hard I fought, I eventually was killed! Now, I am permanently banning myself from playing ground STF elite missions...permanently... or at least until I can get a hold of some Mk XII fleet armor or MACO armor and weapons!
The jem hadar ground set is fine, but mini guns against the borg is inviting both aggro and near instant adapting to your damage.

Try any pulse wave assault instead.