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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
Isn't the upgrade to the Miranda meant to be the Nebula? If the original looked like a reconfigured Connie and the Nebula looks like a Reconfigured Galaxy it makes sense right?
My view is that the Miranda was always a more economical/efficient design than the Connie, which goes towards explaining in-universe why we still see Miranda-class ships flying around the galaxy some 80 years later in TNG, but absolutely no Constitution-class ships, refit or otherwise. It was just a better design for a 'workhorse' type of ship, while the Excelsior-class ships were better for a 'heavy cruiser' type of ship which the Connie falls under.

I feel the same way about the Galaxy, as far as the shows go we initially don't see many of them. The only time we see one in TNG other than the Enterprise it was destroyed (or it was an illusion, in both cases it was the USS Yamato which was described as the Enterprise's sister ship - implying that there weren't any other Galaxy-class ships around at that time other than perhaps the first flight prototype USS Galaxy). It would take DS9 to be the first to introduce us to other Galaxy-class ships, like the USS Odyssey and USS Venture (Voyager gave us USS Challenger, but that was an alternate timeline - I'm willing to include it though). But in TNG we saw Nebula-class ships more times than we saw Galaxy class ships! (USS Phoenix in 'The Wounded', USS Sutherland in 'Redemption part 2', and USS Faragut in Generations; I don't know if the USS Bellerphon is visible in the Wolf 359 graveyard scene, but it was there as we saw a Nebula-class ship participate in that battle in DS9's 'Emissary')

Anyway, I think the Nebula probably falls under the same kind of design role the Miranda fulfilled for the Constitution-class: a lighter version of a heavy cruiser like the Galaxy.