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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
picard was a decietful pretentious trite little coward.
moment he got the upper hand on the borg in q who, blowing massive holes in the cube, he ordered the e'd to run away at top speed rather than pressing the advintage to at least cripple the cube.
Lol no. This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about what went down in that episode.

There was no advantage or upper hand on the Borg in 'QWho'. Those phaser blasts nicked the surface of the cube, they weren't massive blasts and none of the blasts penetrated into any vital systems. All they did was destroy a tractor beam emplacement. The borg didn't reengage the tractor beam from another emitter nor did they destroy the Enterprise for the same reason a cat likes to play with a mouse. Hell that's one of the things the away team learned from beaming over - when a borg drone walks past them unconcerned, Riker comments 'They either don't see us, or don't see us as a threat.' (emphasis mine) This is confirmed in dialogue in 'Best of Both Worlds part 1'. The borg cube is full of redundant power systems that kick in when the cube sustains damage. Over three quarters of the cube could be damaged before you would be able to mission-kill it, and an entire fleet of ships wasn't able to do that in 'Best of Both Worlds part 2'.

The borg outright tell Picard in 'QWho' that they've analysed his ship's defences as being unable to withstand them. In the same episode Picard throws photon torpedoes at them and they do no damage. Picard chose the opportunity to send an away team over to the cube to get intel on them rather than firing on them further. If he had instead decided to tell Worf to continue firing it would have been a futile gesture and at worst would have hastened the Borg to regenerate and deal with this troublesome ship in a more permanent fashion. At the very least, all that 'QWho' shows is that the cube was momentarily vulnerable to phasers, but at no point did the borg feel threatened or react against the Enterprise like they were a serious threat. Which suggests that the Enterprise couldn't have destroyed the cube even if Picard had wanted to.

EDIT And I forgot to mention, if running away from a superior threat was 'cowardly' then you have a weird definition of bravery. I'd rather my Captain was coward who ran away than a brave fool who would spend the lives of his crew on futile resistance. As it turned out, Picard made the right call to flee as the away team discovered the Borg weren't damaged but regenerating, and that they hadn't been neutralised at all but were still a threat. Hell, as soon as the Enterprise warped away the borg cube started pursuit, at faster than the Enterprise's top speed, whilst damaged! Picard made the right call, and by doing so he saved his ship and his crew and gave Starfleet the head's-up warning it needed on this massive new threat.

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