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Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
Lol no. This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about what went down in that episode.

This was back when the Borg were a force of nature. The unstoppable doomsday force. You had the same chance of stopping them as you do stopping an F5 tornado.

THAT is what people fail to understand -- in STO they are little more than annoying zombies that can be slaughtered by the truckload. Heck you routinely slaughter a cube with FIVE ships then take out fleets of spheres... then a TACTICAL CUBE. Did I say five ships? 39 ships couldn't do that in Picard's time.

People complain about oneshotting but that is the true power of the Borg, as seen in FC and the DS9 pilot. Footage from BoBW shows ships that were FRAGMENTED and burned to a crisp.

Frankly that is no fun to play against -- but that's how they were originally written. Over time they became weak, and exploitable, and finally a single scout-ship on a three hour tour was able to smack them around on their home turf.

Its a tradeoff. In order to work in a game they have to be destructable, and exploitable and easy to overcome. As written however they were anything but.