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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
On that note, while I support anyone asking for older ships, I am pushing for the ToS Connie and the NX, so that all 6 "hero" ships of the various "eras" would be represented. TMP era already has the Excelsior in game, so trying to add the Miranda, also introduced in TMP, would be a bit redundant... What would the trick behind a T5 Miranda be, besides being a TMP-era "escort" to the Oberth in Sci and Excelsior Cruiser?
Honestly? No real reason behind the idea mostly because I doubt it'll happen. I really just kinda threw it together because I could. Well, that and time and again in game all people care about more and more is 'dps' I understand that and the reason why it's there. However, according to what we've seen, 99% of Starfleet designs and ships were not made exclusively for combat purpose. Rather, Starfleet vessels were, with the few dedicated role exceptions, designed to be the 'swiss army knife' in space. This was kinda to represent that, it's a ship that really 'excels' at no one task, but can more or less fill any role depending on how you 'build it'.