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Originally Posted by skollulfr View Post
this is the successor to the miranda hull.
also, the ships a destroyer, not a frigate or light cruiser
Sorry about the 'back to back' posts, but yeah, while that is true based on the canon established in the novels which cover 'Project Full Circle', and while I have looked at other canon Miranda variants and 'updates'. It really is kinda a moot point for us to discuss the 'skin' of the ship so to speak, arguably the whole subject is a moot point as well, but what I'm getting at is that if/when it get's done it doesn't matter what the 'skin' looks like or if they release the Merian as an entirely seperate ship altogether. At the same time while I respect the fact that the 'offical' classification so to speak for the Miranda and it's variants is 'Destroyer' type, I'm going off of what's already 'in game', and in game it's called the 'light cruiser'.