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07-12-2013, 07:43 PM
I have one to add to the list. Just got off of a Conduit: Infected Elite because I decided that it was going to be nothing but an uphill battle. The first indication was when it took over 3 minutes to kill the just cube in the beginning. Three of the other members of my team kept getting KOed. I believe all three of them were in patrol escorts. After that, three of us went to the left, killed the cube, and started on generators while one was waiting to respawn after dying multiple times and another briefly went AFK. By some miracle, I think we were able to stay with the 10% rule and killed the generators pretty quickly. But then when I started firing on the transformer, I noticed that things seemed to be going slowly. That was then when I noticed that the three that died at the start of the match died AGAIN. Needless to say we failed the optional and I found myself running away from a few sphere. The only other guy that didn't die started complaining saying that he had better communication on Xbox (funny, considering I didn't see anything in the chat window from him earlier). I finally decided to say "Screw it," because if the first few minutes of that had already gone to crap, I didn't want to put up with the frustration of the remainder of that match. I abandoned the match and chose to suck it up for the leaver penalty. I also added 4 more names to my what is becoming a long ignore list.

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