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CBS has said no to this idea already. No T5 Miranda, Connie, NX, Oberth etc.

Have you considered an Unconvential BOFF layout? 3 Lt Com (1 each) & a Uni Liutenant (11 powers, 1 less than standard) but it would suit the Jack of all Trades master of none motif. I think am Escort turn rate is too high 10 or 11 would be good.

I think 4/4 weapons makes sense. And I also think 9 Consoles, 3 of each would suit it's roll better. Or perhaps put the 10th console in Science or Engineering. In all honesty we don't want this thing becoming an escort. +5 to all Systems rather than the +10 to weapons, +5 to everything else.

Isn't the upgrade to the Miranda meant to be the Nebula? If the original looked like a reconfigured Connie and the Nebula looks like a Reconfigured Galaxy it makes sense right?

CBS vetoed the Original Series Constitution Class.

As for the others, do you have a reputable source, or is this just hearsay?

From stofsk...


My view is that the Miranda was always a more economical/efficient design than the Connie, which goes towards explaining in-universe why we still see Miranda-class ships flying around the galaxy some 80 years later in TNG, but absolutely no Constitution-class ships, refit or otherwise. It was just a better design for a 'workhorse' type of ship, while the Excelsior-class ships were better for a 'heavy cruiser' type of ship which the Connie falls under.

There was a Constitution Class vessel at Wolf 359. There was wreckage of such in the debris field (Star Trek III destruction sequence model was used). So, that would imply that there were a few still in service as of 2367.

The Miranda always struck me as a good "workhorse" design, good for a variety of tasks. That is part of what made it so common, from my point of view. Even a century after the first hull was laid down. You don't mess with success. Same goes for the Oberth and Excelsior classes.

Of course, this is from an in-universe POV. The real world reason is they used the older vessels in TNG due to production costs.