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Originally Posted by admiralozzy View Post we have The Big Giant Head, now Na'nu... *Nanu Nanu*...So that's 3rd Rock from the Sun and Mork and Mindey, we need someone else with a sci fi TV show name and NO Clara and Zho'ee don't count because they're names are mixed in with games and shows.
Plus John hates Doctor Who and everyone hates Zoe/Zho'ee so why would you want to count me?

Anyone else have a sci-fi TV show name they can think of and can find in the game to join us? Haha.

Farscape? Andromeda? Defiance? Warehouse 13? BSG, old and new? Stargate?

Um we do already have a "Jack Harkness" a "Ka D'Argo", and a "Zhaan" in the fleet (though granted both the farscape references are the same person". And I'm sure there are a few others that I'm just not clever enough to pick up on

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