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07-13-2013, 05:15 AM
Reviving this thread as I have just encountered it and there seems to be no work around. Changing away team layout or ships does nothing. From chatting in some channels I see others have the same issue, so let us bring more attention to it in the hope for a fix.

Oddly I noticed that just before this bug began, the affected toon also ran into the double boff station bug, whereby the status screen showed 8 stations (the usual 4 were duplicated), and 2 active starships, and 1 boff disappeared completely during the duration. This bug did not hang around for long, the stations reverted to normal and the missing boff returned. However then the character select screen bugged out, cloning boffs and displaying a boff where the ship should be.

I am no expert in this at all, but perhaps in the process of experiencing the double boff station bug, something particular in my character's database entry was broken. I have yet to see this appear on any other toon.
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