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07-13-2013, 11:17 AM
TBR norgh BOP

i got my self a new toy, and got a little creative. its a 2 AtB build, with a COM sci with most of its damage coming from TBR3. its been quite a lot of fun, and is a bit different from your typical BOP build going in for the 1 shot with BO and torps. its best used on something that already is missing a 1/4 of its hitpoints, but ive killed quite a few things from full health with this

3 DHC, omega torp, 2 turrets

PH1, HE2, TSS3, TBR3
ET1, AtB1, EPtS3
EPtE1, AtB

borg deflector
borg engine
maco shield

borg, rom, temporal
3 particle gen
3 energy weapon damage

the AtB kills your push, so your your just dealing pure damage and your target takes every pulse. with APO and EPtE you should be able to keep up with any push you have. the omega torp can stack a good amount of plasma fire, and plasma energy weapons could benifit from embassy plasma infused particle consoles, and have a small DOT of thier own. the cannons are mainly for moping up your very hagered target, EPtS3 can keep you in the game for quite a wile. some may prefer RSP though. throwing on a breen torp and cutting beam aft are viable as well, the cannons can proboly breach a shield at least at first on thier own, and after the push doing a little spin and hitting them with lots of trans mines may be a nice extra. havent seen TBR used for offense since they broke and fixed how particle gens interact with them, thought it was about time to bring this tactic back
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