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07-13-2013, 02:19 PM
Welcome to developer team.
In here i'd like to compile some requests, expressed by fellow STO players in regard to uniforms and different outwear and outlook options available o our captains in-game.

1) Beachcomber, flower accents and headwear sets:
- Option to have bare feet without wearing beachcombers pants\shorts. Let it still be part of beachcomber set tho.
- Ability to wear Flower Headband for caitians and ferasans (something like this would add nicely to that little flavor of tamed ferality they already have).
- Possibility for Caitans, Ferasans an Gorns to wear glasses presented in Summer festival.

2) Hairstyles and bodyparts:
- Feline Long hairstyles for caitians and ferasans. Please. We'd love to see that!
- Tails with armored textures - as if clad in a protective wrap of any of presented in game armors like MACO, OMEGA and others. Tail can be used as a surprising weapon in close combat and to leave it exposed on a totally hermetical suit....

3) 7 of 9 set:
- Shiny 7 of 9 boots but with low heels or without any.
- Caitian an ferasan style 7 of 9 hands (currently only human furless ones are available)

4) General wishes regarding styles:
- Ability to combine Uniform, formal and off-duty outfits. Their combinations can give extremely lovely results and to be honest - this separation doesn't make much sense from practical and RP point of view since people can still wear a uniform on some unofficial event and be off duty. -
- Perhaps rather than Uniforms and On-Duty separation categories, how about a "Hazard wear" and "Decorative" ones instead, place all the heavy armor stuff in "Hazard wear", then leave all the other stuff for us to choose from another one.

- More revealing clothes, swimsuits, bikini, female sport tops for off-duty wear, shorts for males, bare chest for males (wouldn't mind having that for females as well but that would be a bit too much ). Really. Orions have those from the start and there are a lot RP situations where some of this clothing would fit very well. Not to mention some of "uniform" choices are well outside what is today considered official-looking uniforms.

5) Possible new costumes ideas:
- Full length summer and spring dresses.
- Full length formal dresses and gowns
- More high heeled footwear options.
- More jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, maybe decorative nails and chockers\leashes, crowns, tiaras, circlets... A lot of these would go long way in improving choice for formal and off-duty categories.

Please consider these requests. If you could make some of these changes and add them to Game, we'll highly appreciate it.