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Originally Posted by oldravenman3025 View Post
You're assuming that the Saurians took the same evolutionary path that reptiles on Earth did. Which they did not, apparently.

That's why I like the Saurians. The fact that reptiles evolved some characteristics of mammals on their homeworld, is what makes them alien by Earth standards.
No, that wouldn't be possible.

DNA can change over time, but to acquire completely new features that don't exist in the genome coding is not going to happen.

The only exception I can think of is that they're not actually reptiles at all.

Prior to the rise of the dinosaurs, there was a kind of doglike creature which was part reptile and part mammal.

It laid eggs, but had milk glands much like a mammal.

But it wasn't a true reptile at all and is not classified as such.

However, this species went extinct long ago, so there are no living specimens.

If the Saurians were descended from this creature, then it might be feasible they are what they are.

But then if that was true, they wouldn't be reptiles at all!