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Originally Posted by havam View Post
Beams vs cannons has a few mutually depending problems imv.

1) energy drain mechanics,
these have moved so far away from the initial design that we lost a whole cpt class in space. Warpcores and marion only made matters worse.

2) Shield vs hull tanking.
Shields resists are through the roof in PvP, and since not a single NPC is actually rebalancing thier shields and all the big optional targets (gates, transistors, etc) are unshielded. Doing more damage to hull(whether shields are up or not) is being rewarded multiple times over. Hull goes pop makes a kill or advances the mission, shields go down is unseen in pvp for a long time, and irrelevant in most PvE missions.

3) Lack of rewarding diversity in NPC encounters
It would be easy to design NPCs or mission objectives that play to the strenghts of cuisers, healers and beamboats (mostly the same thing, i know but, not necessarily so). However, such content doesn exist. There is no mission that benefits from F@W spam cleaning, and there are no NPCs who are defeated more quickly by beam boat boradsides. As for PvP when is the last time you've seen a shield facing going down from single beam barrage (aka not tripple stacked DBB BOs?)

4) Weapon types BO powers
all of the above leads to cannons outperforming beams in 90 percent of cases. If you fly beams its usually that you fly a ship (wells) that can't equip DHC, you've given up on the idea that your weapons are there for the damage (sci ship target subsystems) or IP reasons. Single cannons can be your friend if you have enough tac slots. While Duals are useless and poorly designed for as long as i can recall playing STO.

5) lets not forget that cannons with CRF proc more often then beams. Another advantage on top pf the above.

6) inflated parser data leads people to confuse effective dmg with overall DPS. "I did 16k dmg in infected in a Vesta all has to be fine!"

Nerfing DHC is not the way to go. Buff singles and especially duals (give them a bigger angle?), and make the advantage of beams vs. shields count by tweaking NPCs, STF objectives, and the various forms of shield tanking in PvP. Tac team made broadsiding pretty poor, the fact that most carrier pets like danoobs, are laughing off broadsides long enough for them to cause their havoc doesn't help either.

my 2ec
1. agree: Resists and passive repairs have hurt variety of ship layouts.

2. not sure this is a beams vs cannon issue, more of a burst vs DoT issue. BO even from a Beam Array can be more effective if well timed than a non-Tac CRF. BO also has the benefit of applying the damage instantly, less damage fall off at range, wider arc, and only takes 1 weapon mount to use it effectively. Not bad for the best energy weapon burst in the game.

3. Not sure if this is true anymore. Aux2batt cruisers w/Dem/Plasm&Disrupter Procs/APB/FaW etc have the potential for very high DPS in PvE. There's also a couple of missions like NWS and the Fleet mission where people are rewarded by keeping freighters alive where I can see Beamboats shine. Though there should be more variety I agree.

4. Again, not sure about the damage potential (in non-PvP environment) of DoT anymore. I messed around w/Romulan sci ship for awhile, and I used Beam Arrays/Torps/Mines even though it could fit DCHs. Imo, BO2 is better than a CRF1/CVS1 in a situation where you know you'll have a modest spike at best.

5. What procs are you referring too? Most procs are based on firing cycling not shots per cycle. Being on the other end of old FaW balls, 8 beamed cruiser balls proc plenty.

6. agree, which is why I prefer the BO2 BA I mentioned in #4 vs dhcs w/crf1.

To me the passive repairs and resists need to drop. I'd also add TSSx strips any EPtX that's active, ie EPtX 1 would be stripped by a TSSx 1 or higher. A TSSx1 vs an EPtX 2 would drop the effectiveness of EPtX 1. It would give people a reason to use TSSx again anyway.
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