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07-14-2013, 12:44 AM
1. Ten weapon slots? Uh... no.
2. We have a "Battle Carrier" It's got a high turn rate, a fancy console, equips cannons, and when it runs yellow stones or elite fighters it's pretty darn beastly. It's called the Armitage.
3. Frigates, yeah ok let's talk frigates, what should they be? Defiants? No. Mirandas? Doesn't really make sense. Aquarius? Maybe. But really what we should have as our frigates we already have as a type of larger shuttle. Delta Flyers, give em a buff, some fancy abilities (Impulse boost? Photonic Missiles?) and bam we gots us a frigate like deployable.

But no, we don't need a "Battle Carrier" We already got a tactically oriented carrier and anything bigger is either not going to be Federation designed simply because the Federation doesn't do carriers that way.

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