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Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
Keep in mind that the Miranda comes with the Centaur and Shi'kar skins which are 24th/25th century designs.

I'd be all for T5 versions of light cruisers. If you refer to DS9, what everyone here is so fond of because "pewpew!", Mirandas had the same function in battle as the Defiant had (they formed a squad, performed worse but still same purpose). I'd like to see lighter ships at T5 maybe even sporting only 3/2 weapon slots but make up for it somehow. I oppose the idea of DHC however. Those pesky cannons have to vanish at least from Starfleet vessels, otherwise there is NO reason to use anything else and then we'd have the Star Wars game everyone here wants to play
actually, the Centaur was seen only in DS9, but the design is late 23rd century.

It's an Excelsior kitbash, so you argue that it was the light cruiser version to the Excelsior class as the Miranda was to the Constitution.