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07-14-2013, 03:21 AM
For those arguing that it doesn't reward killing or just represents skill - my point was that if you had a choice between talking someone down or killing them, you'd get points for the latter and not for the former. XP, loot etc. is geared towards eliminating enemies or completing missions. You may say that loot isn't a reward for killing, but you only get it when a body hits the floor - sounds like a reward for killing to me.

I guess if I need to be constructivist in my point, I'd say that we need to see a wider array of how points and loot is allocated both in mainstream games and in the foundry. You should have far more opportunities for gaining XP by avoiding a combat situation, or diffusing tensions, than for engaging in hostile action. That option should be available in the foundry also, to specify certain events as being equal in accomplishment reward to eliminating a hostile group.

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