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Originally Posted by timezarg View Post
The war exists 'on paper'. That is, Cryptic has decided to keep it hanging out there while the KDF and Federation conveniently 'join forces' to fight various 'bad guys' (ridiculously easy PvE opponents). I would like it if Cryptic were to make up their minds and officially decide whether there's an actual war going on or not. Right now it's in limbo.

That's why I said 'supposed' to be at war. Before mixing the queues, Cryptic needs to decide whether the war is actually continuing or not. . .and if it continues, they need to start designing content to reflect that

I'm personally in favor of keeping the war going and seeing more of it. I like it for PvP purposes, it makes for better competitiveness. 'War games' mean nothing.
But that's the thing, even FvK is nothing more than a war game. Outside of personal meaning it may hold for somebody, it's no different than FvF or KvK. Nothing changes because of the queues. There's no bonuses for anybody, there's no territory changes, there's nothing...they're casual queues...pew pew, wheeee!

If they were to flesh out the neutral zone as mentioned - create another sector - allow folks to fight over worlds in a Ker'rat type instance, etc, etc, etc...hey, that would be another thing. (Would be a pretty nifty thing, imho - wink, wink, nudge, nudge - hey Cryptic?)

But as it stands, FvK is Fed/F-Rom vs. KDF/K-Rom... they'll be adding the Cardassians, Liberated Borg, and who knows how many other "factions" down the road. There could easily come the time where there are no Feds nor KDF in the majority of FvK matches.

If folks want to maintain the semblance of the war, then they'd likely need to organize such for themselves. Get together all the like-minded folks, get some sort of ladder system going that tracks territorial control, play out the matches, record them, submit them so an official winner can be declared without any arguing/etc, and go through to track the wholeshebang...cause it doesn't look like Cryptic is going to do it.

Because honestly, and this is just recent personal experience, the last time I did three Arenas - I had 2x FvF and a FvK. I saw a total of four Fed ships and zero KDF ships - Romulans, Tal Shiar, Jem'Hadar, Tholian, Cardassian, etc...course, er...I was there in my Breen Chel Grett. My main Fed flies a Chel Grett and my main KDF flies a eventual overall main will be the Reman in the Fleet T'varo.

Outside of players making the effort to coordinate actual FvK gameplay, FvK's already's just another war game queue...three war game queues, why not merge them so we can get more game types, etc, etc, etc?

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