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07-14-2013, 05:19 PM
1. In-Game @handle: @radastir
2. Career and Ship (e.g., Engineer/Negh'Var): sci/ escort, sci-ship, dreadnought
3. Language (we can offer instruction in the following languages: English, German, and Spanish): German (native) or English
4. Session you will Participate In (CEST or EDT): CEST
5. Do you have any impairments we need to be aware of (e.g., deafness, etc.)? We will try our best to make accommodations for you: no
6. Do you need to make up the second session? (yes/no) yes

I heard just today about your Bootcamp and hope it's not too late already...

Do scis have any chances in 1v1 space duels?

Thank you and see ya!

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