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Originally Posted by a3001 View Post
So, let's assume that you are in the military and are leading a patrol when you come under attack. Everyone except you dies. You then loot your patrol of their gear and personal effects, and get out of there.
You make it sound like a bad thing, like a thing that doesn't already happen all the time in real life.

I do more space than ground, so I think in space terms. Every ship, friendly or not, looses some of its contents undamaged to space when it's warp core breaches and disassembles the ship around it. This is currently true for PvE encounters. I suppose to be in line with the game, EvP drops should only be retrievable by the enemy, and give them a hell of a boost. Incentive to NOT die in battle, or if you do die - to not let the Enemy pick up the loot. Lol.

I'm just sayin...