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Originally Posted by twoblindmonks View Post
On faction differentiation, I get where you are at, but I think they've pretty much destroyed 90% of that, so why not go the whole way and let me fly a Battlestar.... :D
I guess the "why not" for me is because I like my KDF character-- like, a lot. I really want the KDF to get some fun toys and content from time to time, but the only way that that's going to happen is if people actually play KDF. But if the Federation can do everything better than the KDF, then why would anyone play them? (Okay, anyone except for Gorn fangirls, I guess.)
That's what's got me clinging to that last 10%.

And, wait, you want to fly a Battlestar? I gotta' tell ya'...
... you might be playing the wrong faction. :P

EDIT: Just read the posts that happened while I was image-searching. C'mon, everyone, lighten up a bit. Please? It kinda' drives me off when people start trading defensive barbs like this...
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