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07-15-2013, 12:11 AM
For me so far it happend very rarely that i encounter with AFK Players.
So from 100 Games i got so ca 3-4 Games where i can confirm That a Player
is over the whole Playtime in AFK Mode.

It is no problem when a Team Member maybe got an Telephone Call or the Postman or whatever come...but he should write in chat "i am short afk" than it is it ok.

But for the PPL the realy come just for doing nothing and for here self say
"Ah let they doe the stuff alone the main thing is I get my Reward"
For this PPL i have no Pardon.Yes they should be punished.

A Kicksystem where 4 Players must vote for kicking the Afk Player is not the right Solution.
There are than PPL who will abuse this System.

Once right and fair Solution where maybe when Cryptic intigrate a inactivity Counter
based on Weopons.
Also the Counter starts on the STF and when over an X-amount of time no Weopons where fired from the Player Ship than he trigger.
If the Counter has triggered for this Person than he get no Reward for the STF.
A Star has died in a massive Supernova Explosion,at the same time he gave us the life.
Yes we are all just made ​​of Stardust.
After a certain time the Stardust starts even to think.
Is that not fantastic?